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Real estate is one of the most attractive investment opportunities available. 


Unfortunately, most would-be investors don’t know how to get started with an effective real estate investment strategy.

  • You want to see your money grow faster.

  • You want to build a financial legacy for the future.

  • And you want to live the lifestyle you’ve always imagined.


But you first need a blueprint for how to unlock the benefits and rewards of real estate investing. Which is why we offer this free email course: Your Blueprint for Real Estate Investing.

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Why Take This Course?

Your Blueprint is a 7-part email course that walks you through all aspects of real estate investing. Here’s what we cover:

Day 1: The Basics

You will learn the basics of real estate investing and why it’s become so popular.

Day 2: Setting Goals

You will define your investment goals.

Day 3: Choosing a Strategy

You will choose the right real estate investment strategy to match your goals.

Day 4: Real Estate Syndication

You will learn about  syndication and why it’s the best-kept secret in real estate investing.

Day 5: Good Deals vs. Bad Deals

You will compare good deals vs. bad deals (and how Madison Investing curates  investment opportunities).

Day 6: What are you eligible for?

You will learn what types of investments you’re eligible to participate in.

Day 7: Take the Next Step

You will choose the right next step in your investment journey.

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