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Vetted real estate investments
for the passive investor

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Our team does the work.
You reap the reward.

We connect you with hassle-free investment opportunities in targeted markets, in asset classes we believe in. We seek properties that offer years of passive income and healthy returns when the property sells.

3 photo collage: photo depicting drone view of entrance to multifamily property, photo of self storage facility and photo of renovated multifamily pool area
4 photo collage: drone view of renovated pool and community center for multifamily property, photo of upgraded exterior multifamily proper,  photo of self storage facility and photo of value-add multifamily property
We help busy professionals like you

generate passive income. This is made possible by directly investing in commercial real estate projects with our teams, embedded in local markets.

These opportunities typically pay out a distribution on a monthly or quarterly basis through the life of the project, generated by the cash flow from the project.

You can track these distributions in an online investor portal we provide, or simply watch them land in your bank account via direct deposit. Our repeat investors enjoy watching their cumulative returns, as their passive investing portfolio continues to grow.

Passive income is your path to financial freedom. Our repeat investors are well on their way to living life completely on their terms.

Step 1. Request Invitation

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Step 2. Schedule a "get to know you" call

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Step 3. Choose a deal & invest

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Meanwhile the team at Madison Investing is vetting thousands of deals, sponsors and markets to serve up strong investment opportunities with cash flow and growth potential for our passive investors.

Infographic depicting Madison Investing's Operations from staging an initial call, comprehenzive reporting and target markets for real estate syndication and fund deals

What our investors are saying

"Madison has differentiated itself by providing education on the assets they present, concise and consistent communication on the investments and developing a real personable relationship with their limited partners. We have completed 5 investments so far and looking forward to doing more in the future!"

- Jordan L., Repeat Investor

"Spencer has a track record of success and trust.  Investing with him is a no-brainer. Madison Investing lets me diversify my financial strategy to include real estate. They have great real estate properties to invest into and Spencer provides quick and helpful responses to your questions."

- David Quiec, Entrepreneur, Repeat Investor

Testimonial disclaimer: Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. Testimonials herein are unsolicited and may be non-representative of all investors.


Start your passive investing journey today

Join our investing group to invest alongside us in real estate syndications and funds. 

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