• Spencer

Takeaways: 2019 "Best Ever" Real Estate Conference in Denver, Colorado

Spencer Hilligoss here, founder and CEO of Madison Investing.

I just got back from the 3rd annual Best Ever Real Estate Conference, in Denver Colorado. It was excellent. Well managed and insightful. I feel fortunate to consider Colorado a second home. Jennifer and I originally met each other at University of Colorado and lived in Denver for many years after. This past weekend, it was great to reconnect with old friends, in addition to making new ones at the Best Ever Conference.

Now, to save you the trip, the time and the price of admission: I’ve summarized my key takeaways from the event and will be sharing them in four digestible bites in the coming days. Some investors like to read and others prefer to watch. Moving forward, you will see us providing blog updates in both formats. Pick your poison. This post is a preview of what’s to come and provides an overview of why I picked this particular conference to attend.

What to expect in this series?

4-part series coming your way soon:

  • Insight #1: Success comes from two words and seven habits - This first insight is the most important, hands down. It determines someones level of success, regardless of their chosen focus.

  • Insight #2: Real relationships: They matter (now, more than ever) - Technology is an amazing ally, but not a replacement for human relationships. Particularly if you want to build ‘wealthy’ life, instead of being lonely, rich and miserable.

  • Insight #3: Market - what will it do this year?

  • Insight #4: Assets - there are many ways to win. Pick a passion.

Why this real estate conference?

The “Best Ever” conference is hosted by Joe Fairless. As a refresher on Joe: he runs an excellent daily podcast in addition to managing runs Ashcroft Capital along with Frank Roessler. We have partnered with Dave Thompson and Ashcroft Capital on half a dozen deals in the past year. Ashcroft has over half a billion dollars in assets under management with no signs of slowing.

Here are some of the other compelling reasons why we opted for the BEC 2019:

  • The speakers, panels, attendees and exhibitors tend to focus on asset classes that align with our focus here at Madison Investing

  • Assets we focus on include Multifamily (also known as apartment communities), Self storage facilities and Manufactured Housing Communities

  • The market is constantly changing. 2019 is already shaping up differently than 2018. There are smart investments out there, but you want to arm yourself with fresh insights on what’s changing and how it impacts your investing decisions. Conferences like this are an excellent way to get the freshest insights from the smartest operators in the business and bring them back to investors.

It’s our goal to help accredited investors build passive income. To achieve that goal, investors need the best information available to make informed decisions. Investing $25k $50k, $75k, $100k into a real estate opportunity is an important decision… but it doesn’t have to be an intimidating one.

At any point, if you want to hop on a phone call and talk live, click my Calendly link and pick a time that works for your schedule (https://calendly.com/madisoninvesting). I’m happy to talk about the market, asset types, the weather or building a business while working full-time and raising multiple kids under the age of 5. If you want to join our investor mailing list, head to madisoninvesting.com and submit the quick form on our homepage. 

We are in this with you. Stay tuned for the first insight coming out later this week. Happy wealth building!